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A two day Music and Camping Festival in the clean, green heart of the Clare Valley. You are surrounded by rolling hills, luscious vineyards, drystone walls and rambling sheep. Eucalypts are shimmering in the warm setting sun and the lovingly restored 150 year old bluestone farm building stands a silent witness to the rollicking good times, the positive conscious vibes and musical bliss unfolding before it.

Well done: you are at Blenheim Music and Camping Festival 2018…and you’re welcome!

This is our ninth incarnation, featuring over 20 South Australian, national and international bands, across two stages (running back to back, so you never have to miss an act), in the company of 2,000 friends (old & new) this is a two day festival party that celebrates music, culture and South Australian produce!

Blenheim Fest is a not-for-profit festival held over the Easter Long Weekend (Thurs 29 & Good Friday 30 March, 2018) in the Clare Valley. This festival presents some of the finest musicians and artists that you are ever likely to hear, supported by top quality, concert standard audio & lighting production. Driven by the love and passion of the board and hundreds of volunteers, we continue to impress visitors and defy sceptics

As always, we will donate profits from the festival to support local charities (in 2017 we donated to Clare Valley High School Music Department and the Clare Valley CFS) as well as continuing our support for New Hope Cambodia - a grass roots, rapidly growing Non-Government Organisation who aims to provide hope, dignity and promise to the people of Cambodia (for more information visit www.newhopecambodia.com). A fine example of good tunes, good times and good vibes coalescing to sustain our fellow human beings who are less fortunate than us and deliver essential services that benefit us all!
Since the festival began, together we have contributed $76,000.00 to charitable & not-for-profit organisations. Bloody good on ya champions!


Our History

It all started in the middle of winter 2009 when we all decided that a skate ramp was a necessity to survive the long, cold and dark months. After downloading a B grade skate ramp design, building commenced. No one had any experience of skating, not to mention building a ramp, so some might say we fluked it. After 3 months of hard work it was finished and it is still, 9 years later, as solid as the day it was built.

The enthusiasm for building continued and an idea for ‘The Goose Trumpet’ was born. Renovating an abandoned room underneath the skate ramp began by shifting a massive pile of junk, a few rat homes and shovelling out 5 tonne of mud before any improvements could be made.

First was a jarrah floor, then a staircase to the skate ramp, plus a few niceties like a pot belly and a door. Today ‘The Goose Trumpet’ is a bar and jam room where local friends and musos come together.

BlenheimFest itself began in 2010 with 3 bands, 3 DJ’s, a small PA run off a generator and 150 enthusiastic friends/legends. For its first 2 years, Blenheim Fest was a private event. Our third year was when we realised we had something we wanted to share with everyone and we went public.

This rustic, working farm will open its paddock gates again this Easter long weekend to welcome returning and new Blenheim Fest Family Members to enjoy our ninth festival offering. As a boutique and regional event, this festival thrives because YOU love it! The ongoing success of Blenheim Music and Camping Festival has blossomed because of you; your conscious patronage, your fun, your love, friends looking after friends (and strangers) and when you make a mess, helping us to clean it up. You’re legends…and legends are always welcome!




She fills her days running events at Adelaide University for The Union which range from intimate crafting sessions to large scale music events and O Week. In her spare time she enjoys a cheeky boogie, catching live gigs and spending too much money on brunch. Any time she can squeeze a music festival in the swing she is the first to rally up the troops.

Tiahna's background in events has stemmed from a double business degree in event management and marketing where she graduated in 2014. She has dipped her toes in many areas of Adelaide's arts and music scene ranging from the coordination of events such as Emerge, a fundraising event for the Nepal earthquakes with a live music and spoken word focus, and the walking bar tour Small Bar, Big City, which featured in the 2014 Festival of Architecture and Design. She has also had hands on experience with The Adelaide City Councils Splash Adelaide team, Carclew Youth Arts Fuse Festival and The Festival Centre's Wasabi Short Film competition. Tiahna is thrilled to be a part of the Blenheim crew and cannot wait to party with you all.


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