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Karl S Williams 1THURSDAY
Perhaps one of the country’s most honest and mesmerizing singer-songwriters, Karl S Williams is excited to share his latest musical creations at Blenheim Fest 2018.

As a creative force striving towards honest, relatable blues that has the power to heal, Karl S Williams aims for his music to strike a chord with those who listen. While initially music was a pure solace for Karl, after a decade as The Song’s pursuer there are worn strings of exploration, documentation and healing in the artist’s bow. On stage, the way music comes through Williams, mirroring your own love and anguish, is a deeply personal experience for anyone.


What an artist like Karl S. Williams proves is that despite birthplace or position, colour or intention, music affirms the notion of universal soul. There is a common thread that binds us and Karl sees it; feels it looped around his wrist, rubbing at his back, spun lightly between his fingers. In the dark and by sunlight he follows it: into people’s ecstasy, across their despair, underwater with their fear, and across the long, dry, plains of their heartbreak.

Be reassured. Know the feeling. You are not the only one.

Having performed previously at festivals across the country including Bluesfest, Woodford, Bigsound, Dark Mofo, and The Planting to name just a few, Karl S Williams is no stranger to the live circuit.

“He’s a wrecking ball, a loaded gun. He’s an unmerciful magistrate. He’s a “daisy-cutting, motherfucking judgment day.” – The Guardian
“He can channel the pain of life and warp it into beauty.” – Beat Magazine
“For all the visual dichotomy Williams’ aesthetic might provide, it is absolutely superfluous once he begins to play. I don’t take any notes. I have no words.” – Blank GC


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