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Mojo Juju 1FRIDAY
Mojo Juju is bringing back her incomparable live show to Blenheim Fest 2018.

As unpredictable and dynamic as ever, Juju trades the sounds that have long defined her for some energising new urban flavours.

‘Think Twice’ marks another stop on an unending musical odyssey that has so far seen the soul-steeped singer swing from the Bayou to the heaving Nuyorican clubs of the 60s and 70s with fluidic ease and matchless cool.


With a heady mix of break beats, funk hooks, and hi-sheen pop production, all locked into buttonholing grooves. There’s plenty of futuristic soul funk and swaggering struts, coupled with the added humidity of a Harlem summer at the sweat-bathed baton change that marked the death of disco and the inexorable ascendency of hip-hop.

One thing you can predict about Mojo Juju is that she is completely unpredictable. With her latest single, ‘THINK TWICE’ she has once again ditched everything you think you know about her in a strong and seemingly effortless evolution in style.

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