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Nicky Bomba’s Bustamento

Bustamento is a musical ensemble led by Australian musician Nicky Bomba. Described as a party filled Island adventure, the band began as an exploration into the styles of early Caribbean music, particularly Mento and Calypso. A five to seven piece ensemble, Bustamento’s energy and catchy tunes always get the dance floor jumping.

Releasing their ARIA nominated debut Album ‘Intrepid Adventures to the Lost Riddim Islands’, in 2012, Nicky Bomba once again rallied his musical cohorts in 2014 and produced a fresh sounding album that followed on beautifully from their highly acclaimed debut. ‘Intercontinental Journal 7’ shows the band flexing its creative muscle and crossing many genres.

Since 2012 Bustamento toured extensively, playing many of Australia’s premiere festivals, along with multiple international tours and appearances at major festivals such as Glastonbury Festival (UK), Sierra Nevada Worlds Music Festival (USA), Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada) and Northern Lights Festival (Canada).

Always playing shows with an undeniable performance quality, Bustamento is a must see.

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