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There’s an old saying, popularised by The Breakfast Club: “you mess with the bull, you get the horns”. What does it mean? Not much really. Mostly that if you do something dangerous, you might get hurt. One dangerous thing you could do would be to miss the crazy, brass based, MC led explosion that is BULLHORN.

Formed in 2011, these party animals combine virtuosic musicianship, crazy arrangements, catchy grooves and upbeat rhythms to whip the audience into a veritable frenzy. As adept at creating original tunes as they are at reimagining the likes of Bonobo and Easy Star All Stars, this nine piece behemoth is hell-bent on good times.

Since being established in 2011 BULLHORN have released two albums; their debut self titled album (2012) and the new ‘Players/Sounds’ album (2014). They’ve toured extensively throughout Australia performing at more venues and festivals than can be listed and have left audience in awe. Don't miss these guys.

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