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For the last nine years you, the music and festival aficionado, have been drawn to the magical good times of Blenheim Music and Camping Festival. You’ve blissed out with incredible music, visual and performance art, delicious food & drink, and you’ve done it all in the wondrous surrounds of the Clare Valley.


AND…you have made a spectacular $76,000 contribution to charitable and not-for-profit organisations delivering essential services to those most in need, to the next generation, to come to our aid in times of strife, and preserve a little bit of our history.

YOU have supported New Hope Cambodia (providing free education, medical and welfare services to the people of Mondul Bai), Auburn CFS (responding to rural fires & emergency situations), Clare Valley High School (music department), AAuburn CFSuburn Hall Roof Restoration Fund (historic building & community resource).

Go here to learn more about New Hope Cambodia

Thank you to all Blenheim Fest attendees, your positive and conscious vibes have wide and far reaching ripples.

According to Alister Sandow, the creator of Blenheim Fest, giving locally is a part of all future festivals:

"We are really keen to support the development of the arts of all kinds in the valley. This is why we chose to give to the Auburn hall and the high school this year.  The hall will eventually become a great performance and exhibition venue and Ben Fuller from the High School will be able to get going on his jazz and improvisation bands. He’s a really inspirational teacher and he’ll make great use of this donation".



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