DJ Driller

Deejay Driller began working pubs and clubs in Adelaide in 1987. Since then he has played at Adelaide’s first warehouse parties in the very early 1990’s, and music festivals from the mid 90’s up to and including Future Music festival in 2013. Most recently he’s played to 50,000 footy fans on the ground at half time at Adelaide Oval.

He held a 6 month residency at the Music Room in Jakarta in the late 90’s and in the last 5 years has played regularly in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

Since 2002 he has owned and operated Sugar nightclub in Adelaide which regularly hosts the world’s hottest deejays and producers.

He runs his own record label called Dessert Island Discs matching young local talent with big name players on the world stage. He delights in playing an eclectic mix of music which magically strikes a chord with his audience no matter what age group.

“We go into this place, man, and this guy is kickin’ the most fuckin’ vintage disco. The cat was just like on, man, it was just so wild!” DJ T-1000 (Alan Oldham)

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